Undergraduate Economics Research Award Program (ERAP)

The ERAP program supports research apprenticeships and research collaborations between undergraduate economics majors and economics faculty members.  It is intended to enable students to enhance research skills relevant to the field of economics and to foster faculty research in economics.  The program is competitive and currently ONE award is given per academic year.  This year, student apprentices will receive a $1,500 fellowship for 10 hours work per week over a 15 week semester or summer period, or 5 hours per week during 2 semesters or a semester/summer period spanning 30 weeks.  Faculty are expected to guide the project, meeting with the student and/or going over the student’s research output for a minimum of one hour per week in the event the student chooses the 10 hour per week/15 week option, or one hour every other week in the event the student chooses the 5 hour per week/30 week option.  Faculty mentors receive a $1000 grant added to their departmental research accounts when the research commences.  Student apprentices receive a $750 fellowship upon award of the ERAP and an additional $750 fellowship upon satisfactory completion of the research and presentation of results.


The student apprentice:

  • Must be majoring in economics.
  • May receive only one ERAP award during their years at UConn (at Storrs or any UConn branch).
  • May be at any level (freshman through senior) although priority is given to juniors and seniors.
  • Must present the findings of their research at the “Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition” or other outlet agreed to by their faculty mentor.
  • Students must submit an ERAP completion form to the Departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies.

The faculty mentor:

  • Must be a full-time faculty member.
  • May only submit one application per application cycle.
  • May reapply in subsequent years with the same or different projects.
  • Must set up a system for monitoring the student apprentice’s work time.
  • Must facilitate the student’s presentation of their research at an appropriate outlet.
  • Must submit an ERAP student apprentice assessment form to the Departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies.


Students are required to find a faculty mentor prior to submitting an application.  Applications are due February 24, 2017 and should be submitted electronically to economics@uconn.edu.  Please direct any questions to Professor Richard Langlois.

Download the ERAP Student & Faculty Application Forms on our forms webpage.