Honors & Special Programs

University Honors Scholars

As a University Honors Scholar, you will:

  • Take ECON 4494W, Honors Seminar, preferably in the Spring of your junior year, as background for the senior thesis;
  • Take two graduate courses. This is not as daunting as it seems.  Most 5000-level courses – and even some 6000-level courses – are appropriate for Honors students.  Some students use this requirement to begin taking core Master’s -level courses with an eye to staying on for the MSQE Degree.
  • Write a senior thesis (ECON 4497W) under the supervision of a faculty member, who becomes your thesis advisor. You should choose as a thesis advisor a faculty member who specializes in the area in which you would like to write. Your work in 4494W, as well as your advisor, will help you to develop a specific topic.


Students may enter the University Honors Scholar Program up to the first semester of their junior year. Potential economics majors who are interested should talk to the economics Honors Advisor, Professor Dick Langlois.