Double Major

A double major is completing two majors within the same school (ie: CLAS)

The ECON Major, especially the BA, is very flexible and, in most cases, it is fairly easy to complete a second major in CLAS without needing to take any coursework beyond what is needed to graduate.

Many majors require 8 upper level courses which you can complete by using your 4 related courses, 2nd W course and 45 credit rule courses. You may also use some of your electives if needed. Many majors require just a few more upper level courses compared to the minor. If the other major requires more than 8 upper level courses or more introductory courses, you may use your free electives towards these courses. Meet with an advisor to determine how a 2nd major would fit within your degree requirements and if any additional coursework would be necessary.

You may find requirements majors and minors here:

If you complete a second major, any 4 of the upper level courses will apply towards your related courses, even if the major is not on the pre-approved Related Courses list. But you must complete the major to use these courses if it is not on the pre-approved list.

Your general education course requirements do not change unless you are pursuing a BA vs a BS. Your current major will be your primary major unless you are adding a BS major.

If the other major only offers a BA, you may opt to do the BA or BS in ECON. Your general education requirements remain the same based on the BA or BS in ECON.

If your two majors both have a BA and BS option, they must match. Both must be a BA or both must be a BS.

The BS major will always take precedence and you must complete the BS general education requirements for that major.

If you pursue a BS in ECON, you must also do a BS in the other major if they offer a BS. In this case, your BS in the other major takes precedence and you must follow the BS gen ed requirements for that BS major.

For questions, ask your advisor.

To declare a double major:

Fill out a double major form and have it signed by an advisor in both majors. Then it is submitted to the CLAS ASC for final approval:

To cancel a double major:

Fill out a Double Major Cancellation form and submit to the Registrar’s Office: or Wilbur Cross 1st Floor

    Dual Degree:

A dual degree or additional degree is pursuing two majors in two separate schools on campus (ie: CLAS and Business, CLAS and Engineering, etc) or three majors in CLAS. You earn a bachelor’s degree from each school (if two majors in two separate schools) or two degrees from CLAS (if three CLAS majors). However, you need to earn at least 18 more credits than normally needed for the degree with the highest number of credits needed to graduate.

For example:

If you do a dual degree with CLAS and Business:

CLAS requires 120 credits

Business requires 120 credits

You need to complete at least 18 more credits to complete both = minimum 138 credits

If the other school requires more than 120 credits, ie: 128, then you must earn:

128+18 = minimum 146 credits

You must also complete all requirements for both schools. Many general education requirements overlap between schools, but you must complete any other requirements not required by the other school and vice versa.

You may graduate with one degree and continue to pursue the second degree, as long as you have met the credits and course requirements needed for the first degree.

To declare a dual degree:

Fill out an additional degree petition form and have it signed by an advisor in both majors and by a dean’s designee for both schools.

For CLAS Dean’s Designee signature: CLAS ASC

To cancel a dual degree:

Fill out an Additional Degree Cancellation Form and submit to the Registrar’s Office: or Wilbur Cross 1st Floor