Undergraduate Research

The Department of Economics offers the opportunity to undergraduate students to take part in faculty research. Students can gain extra-curricular experience working as research assistants under the general direction and supervision of a professor.

The table below shows a listing of current research opportunities. All interested students must prepare a resume indicating their skills (analytical, statistical, writing, etc.), relevant completed courses, and preferred area of research.  Please submit via email directly to the faculty member whom you are requesting to assist.  Students are also welcome to connect with faculty not on the below list regarding assisting with their current research.

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Professor Research Topic Job Duty Required Skills Compensation
Baggio, Michele Identification of data sources. Locating and documenting the availability of historical records.


Ability to work independently; Persistence; knowledge of EXCEL.
Baggio, Michele Searching genealogical records Search for detailed information on households of 19th century sailors.


Ability to work independently; Persistence; knowledge of EXCEL. Independent course credit.
Harmon, Oskar Growth, volatility, and equity of state revenue sources over post war business cycles. Assemble a panel data and data analysis Analytical and statistical Independent course credit