About the Graduate Programs

The Department of Economics offers a PhD degree in Economics. In addition, matriculated students are able to earn a Master of Arts (MA) degree in economics, although the Department does not admit students to the University specifically for this purpose. Students interested in pursuing a master’s degree related to economics as their primary graduate program are encouraged to apply to the Department’s stand-alone Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (MSQE) program.  The PhD program in Economics prepares students for research and teaching careers, as well as careers in the public or private sectors that require knowledge and understanding of the most advanced economic theory and methods.

PhD students specialize through courses in particular fields of study within economics, such as labor economics, macroeconomics, industrial organization, environmental economics, econometrics, and development economics. The MA program provides training in economic theory and methods, combined with elective courses that apply the core training in a variety of contexts.  It is designed for students pursuing advanced degrees in other programs at the University who want to combine their other studies with a masters-level understanding of economics, or for PhD students in economics who wish to earn a masters degree as part of their graduate studies or in lieu of completing the PhD.

Currently, about 100 students are enrolled in Economics Graduate Programs. About 30% of our students are women, 70% are international students, and over 80% of PhD students receive financial aid. We feel that the diversity of our students is important, and adds to the overall strength of our program.


MA, MSQE and PhD alumni are invited to join us on LinkedIn.