During the Spring and Fall Semesters, the Department of Economics offers free tutoring to students for certain classes. This service is offered on a drop-in basis; no need to make an appointment! Just arrive at the time and location listed below.

 Courses Served

  • Principles:   ECON 1201, 1202
  • Intermediates: ECON 2201 & 2202
  • Quantitative Intermediates: ECON 2211Q & 2212Q



Tutoring has ended for the Spring Semester and will resume mid September.



Justin Wu

Major(s): Economics (BA) and Mathematics Dual Degree

Class Standing: Senior

Involvement at UConn: Captain of Fed Challenge, Committee member of the Invisible Hand Speaker Series, UConn Men’s Rugby Team, and President of UConn Taiwanese Student Association.

What I Love Most about Economics: How a simple concept of decision-making in a world of scarce resources can be generalized to apply to many, if not most, phenomena in the world.

Justin has taken multiple graduate-level economics courses.

Brendan Stewart

Major(s): Economics, Mathematics Minor

Class Standing: Senior

Involvement at UConn: Huskython, Alpha Delta Phi

What I Love Most About Economics: How it incorporates so many different areas of study like history, math, psychology, etc.

Brendan has experience taking a graduate-level economics course.

Viren Chainani

Major(s): Economics (BS) and Computer Science

Class Standing: Junior

Involvement at UConn: President of Economics Society, UConn College Fed Challenge

What I Love Most about Economics: The ability to study a wide variety of issues related to decision making and use both qualitative and quantitative techniques to find answers.

Study Resources and External Links

The following resources are not affiliated with UConn or the Economics department, but are great resources for anyone looking for study help.

American Economic Association – Student Guides: Videos and study guides for undergraduate and graduate-level course material.

American Economic Association – Student Resources: Links to blogs, podcasts, and student journals.

CORE Econ: Open-access university-level economics curriculum and resources including quizzes and vocabulary tests as well as a wide variety of articles, e-books, and videos. Please note that this website is free but does require users to create an account.

Crash Course – Economics: Youtube playlist of all Crash Course’s economics videos. Designed to cover concepts and material equivalent to ECON 1201 and ECON 1202.

Economics A-Z: Comprehensive dictionary of economic terms and explanations

EconplusDal: YouTube Channel designed for university-level economics students that includes a wide variety of step-by-step explanations for economic calculations, diagrams, and formulas as well as exam study guides.

Khan Academy – Economics: Covers a wide variety of material, including information specifically for college-level microeconomics and macroeconomics courses and concepts.

ThoughtCo. – Economics Study Guides: Articles and study guides with comprehensive explanations of a wide variety of micro- and macroeconomics resources, including articles that explain quantitative principles and their formulas.