Courses Served:

  • Principles:   ECON 1201, 1202
  • Intermediates: ECON 2201 & 2202
  • Quantitative Intermediates: ECON 2211Q & 2212Q (hours signified with an *)

You do not need an appointment. It is on a drop-in basis.

Please check in at the front desk kiosk in OAK 309, then head to the tutoring room. If you are arriving after 4:30pm, please go directly to the tutoring room and sign in there.

Fall 2023 Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
OAK 309 12-4:30pm* 2-4:30pm 2-4:30pm* 11:30-1:30*


OAK 312 4:30-6* 4:30-6* 4:30-6*
OAK 111 7-9*

For questions, please email economics@uconn.edu



Justin Wu

Major(s): Economics (BA) and Mathematics Dual Degree

Class Standing: Senior

Involvement at UConn: Captain of Fed Challenge, Committee member of the Invisible Hand Speaker Series, UConn Men’s Rugby Team, and President of UConn Taiwanese Student Association.

What I Love Most about Economics: How a simple concept of decision-making in a world of scarce resources can be generalized to apply to many, if not most, phenomena in the world.

Justin has taken multiple graduate-level economics courses.

Brendan Stewart

Major(s): Economics, Mathematics Minor

Class Standing: Senior

Involvement at UConn: Huskython, Alpha Delta Phi

What I Love Most About Economics: How it incorporates so many different areas of study like history, math, psychology, etc.

Brendan has experience taking a graduate-level economics course.

Viren Chainani

Major(s): Economics (BS) and Computer Science

Class Standing: Junior

Involvement at UConn: President of Economics Society, UConn College Fed Challenge

What I Love Most about Economics: The ability to study a wide variety of issues related to decision making and use both qualitative and quantitative techniques to find answers.

Samuel Dragomire

Major: Economics (BS)

Class Standing: Senior

Involvement at UConn: Economics Society

What I Love Most about Economics: Using qualitative methods to explore how people make choices and interact with markets to achieve things in their best interests.

Study Resources and External Links:

The following resources are not affiliated with UConn or the Economics department, but are great resources for anyone looking for study help.

American Economic Association – Student Guides: Videos and study guides for undergraduate and graduate-level course material.

American Economic Association – Student Resources: Links to blogs, podcasts, and student journals.

CORE Econ: Open-access university-level economics curriculum and resources including quizzes and vocabulary tests as well as a wide variety of articles, e-books, and videos. Please note that this website is free but does require users to create an account.

Crash Course – Economics: Youtube playlist of all Crash Course’s economics videos. Designed to cover concepts and material equivalent to ECON 1201 and ECON 1202.

Economics A-Z: Comprehensive dictionary of economic terms and explanations

EconplusDal: YouTube Channel designed for university-level economics students that includes a wide variety of step-by-step explanations for economic calculations, diagrams, and formulas as well as exam study guides.

Khan Academy – Economics: Covers a wide variety of material, including information specifically for college-level microeconomics and macroeconomics courses and concepts.

ThoughtCo. – Economics Study Guides: Articles and study guides with comprehensive explanations of a wide variety of micro- and macroeconomics resources, including articles that explain quantitative principles and their formulas.