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Economics offers students all the advantages of a large major while providing opportunities to foster a tight-knit community for a small campus feel. Explore the world of Economics and engage with our passionate community of faculty, students, staff, and alumni!

Ways to Get Involved

Honors Program

Economics Honors students learn in small and interactive classes, benefit from close faculty relationships, and connect in a community of like-minded students. Interested students should apply before their earned credits exceed 75 so they can plan their classes accordingly.

Reach out to Professor Olivier Morand for more information, as there are specific department-level requirements and university-wide eligibility criteria for the program.

Undergraduate Research

The skills and knowledge acquired by our students open up doors for research opportunities both in Economics and in other departments. Students can gain experience working as a research assistant under the direction of a professor.  These positions help students gain transferrable skills, deepen their relationships with professors, and explore the world of research! To get started, students should contact their advisor or reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Research.


Internships help students improve their career prospects after graduation and enhance their resumes by providing an opportunity to gain new skills and practical job experience with reputable employers. Students may be able to earn credit and count programs like the Urban Semester Program and Study Abroad as an internship as well.

Clubs and Organizations

Joining a student-run group can help students develop professional skills, learn, have fun, and make connections in Economics. The Economics Society, Women and Minorities in Economics, and the College Fed Challenge are all clubs affiliated with The Department. 

Study Abroad

The Economics Department and UConn's Office of Experiential Global Learning (EGL) help students in find opportunities to work and study abroad. To get started, contact the EGL office. Click through the slideshow below for a summary of Econ Major Alexandra Montano Study Abroad experience.

Alexandra Montano’s Study Abroad Experience

  • Picture of former Economics Student looking happy - located in England.