Oskar Harmon

Curriculum Vitae: 

Subject Areas: Economic Education, Information Technology, Economics of Sports, State and Local Public Finance

Professor Harmon is associate professor of economics at the University since 1994.  His current research interests are developing teaching innovations and measuring their effect on learning outcomes, and determinants of the duration of state business cycles.    He served as a member of the American Economic Associations’s Committee on Economic Education, as a member of  program committee of the annual national Conference on Teaching and Research in Economic Education (CTREE), as chair of the Committee on the Economic Status of the Profession, for the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), and is Treasurer of the  Uconn Chapter of the AAUP.  He manager of the Uconn Stamford FED Challenge Team 2016-19 and organizer of the annual Stamford Alumni Career Networking Panel 2016-19.  He has contributed to development of the UConn Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (MSQE) program since 2017.

He has been a leader in development of online course design at UConn.  He offered the first course of Principles of Economics in online format at the University in 2004.   He is a recipient of the 2021 University Teaching Fellow Award, the 2000 University of Connecticut Chancellor’s Information Technology Award, and the 2012 Grillo Outstanding Teacher Award in the UConn Economics Department.

Ph.D., Economics, Rutgers University
M.A., Economics, Rutgers University
B.A. Economics, Clark University

Honors and Appointments:
2021 University Teaching Fellow, The UConn Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)
— 2018 American Economic Association, Committee on Economic Education
— 2018 American Association of University Professors, Committee on the Economic Status of the Profession
— 2015 Service Learning Fellow, Uconn Institute of Teaching and Learning
— 2012 Grillo Family Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching
— 2000 UConn Chancellor’s Information Technology Award
— 1998 Neato.com CD Design Award
— 1979 Dissertation Research Award, Rutgers University
— 1975 University Scholar, New York University

Courses Taught:
— Econ 2447 Sports Economics
— Econ 2327 Information Technology for Economics
— Econ 3431 Public Finance
— Econ 3438 Contemporary Problems in Economics
— Econ 1200 Principles of Economics (Intensive) Online
— Econ 1201 Principles of Microeconomics Online
— Econ 1202 Principles of Macroeconomics Online
— Econ 2311Q Empirical Methods in Economics I

Research Interests: Sports Economics, Online Instruction, State Business Cycles

Recent and Selected Publications

“Learning Tableau- A Data Visualization Tool”, Journal of Economic Education, (2020) Volume 51, Issue 3-4. (with S. Batt, T. Grealis, and P. Tomolonis)

Social Media as an Online Course Discussion Forum – Engagement and Results of a Randomized TrialInternational Review of Economic Education, (2019) 30, January (with P. Tomolonis)

“Use Google Drawings to Create Homework Exercises and Essays with Graphs”, Journal of Economics & Teaching, (2018) 2(2), 68-78 (with R.Szarka)

“A Randomized Assessment of Online Learning”American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings (2016) 106(5), 378-302  (with W. Alpert; K. Couch)

“Are Online Exams an Invitation to Cheat?,” The Journal of Economic Education (2008) 39(2) (with J. Lambrinos).

“The Optimal State Tax Portfolio Model: An Extension”  National Tax Journal (1994), 47, 2, 395-402: (with R. Mallick).

“A New View of the Incidence of the Property Tax,” Public Finance Review (1989) 17(3), 323-348.

“The Income Elasticity of Demand for Single-Family Owner-Occupied Housing: An Empirical Reconciliation,” Journal of Urban Economics (1988) 24(2), 173-185.