Vicki Knoblauch


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Research Interests:  Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Mechanism Design

Teaching Areas: Mathematical Economics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization

Education: Ph.D., Economics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Selected Recent Publications:

“Von Neumann-Morgenstern Stable Sets Rationalization of Choice Functions” Theory and Decision, forthcoming.

“Continuous Utility Representation of Fuzzy Preferences” (2020) in G. Bosi, M. J. Campión, J. C. Candeal and E. Indurain Mathematical Topics on Ordered Structures and Utility:  Essays in Honor of Professor Ghanshyam B. Mehta Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 301-309.

“A Marriage Matching Menagerie,” (with J. Boudreau).  Operation Research Letters (2017) 45:  68-71.

“Elections Generate all Binary Relations on Infinite Sets,” Mathematical Social Sciences (2016) 84:  105-108.

Probabilistic Evaluations:  A Universal Representation for Preferences over Countable  Sets,” Journal of Mathematical Economics (2015) 57: 25-27.

“What Price Stability?  Social Welfare in Matching Markets,” (with J. Boudreau).   Mathematical Social Sciences (2014) 67: 27-33.“

Preference, Topology and Measure,” Social Choice and Welfare, (2014) 43: 507-514.

“Topological Interpretations of Fuzzy Subsets.  A Unified Approach for Fuzzy Thresholding Algorithms,”  (with  E. Barrenechea, H. Bustine, M.J. Campion and E. Indurain).  Knowledge-Based Systems (2013) 54: 163-171.



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