Subhash Ray

Subject Areas: Microeconomics, Econometrics

Ph.D., Economics, University of California-Santa Barbara

Courses Taught:
Empirical Methods
Operations Research
— MA and PhD level Econometrics

Research Interests: Time Series Models, Production Analysis

Selected Publications
“An Overall Measure of Technical Inefficiency at the Firm and at the Industry Level: The ‘Lost Return on the Dollar’ Revisited,”European Journal of Operational Research (Forthcoming) (with Juan Aparicio and Jesus T. Pastor).

“Sources of Heterogeneity in the Efficiency of Indian Pharmaceuticals Firms,”Indian Economic Review (Forthcoming) (with Mainak Majumdar and Meenakshi Rajeev).

“Expanded Function Dental Auxiliaries and Dental Practice Productivity and Efficiency,”Journal of Dental Education (Forthcoming) (with T. Beazoulou et. al.).

“Cost Efficiency and Scale Economies in Dental Care,”Journal of the Operations Research Society (2012) (with Lei Chen).

“Tools and Techniques for Evaluating Service Delivery,”Institutions and Service Delivery in Aftica (2012) M.S. Kimenyi, editor(Nairobi, Kenya: African Research Consortium, 2012), 112-139 (with M.S. Kimenyi and Lei Chen).