Macroeconomics Seminar

2024 UConn Leafy LAEF Macro Conference (Oct. 25-26, 2024)


Spring 2024




Paper Title



Jan. 31 2:30-3:45pm Michael Klein

(Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Innovation, Technology Transfer and the International Regulation of Patents and Trade Secrets Vidart In-Person

Herbst (Previously Oak) 337

Feb. 21 2:30-3:45pm Xincheng Qiu

(Arizona State University)

“Female Labor Force Participation and Structural Transformation” Zhao In-Person

Herbst 337

Feb. 28 2:30-3:45pm Xin Liang

(Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)

“Internal Migration and Structural Change: The Role of Demand Effect Over Life-Cycle” Ahking Zoom Room
Mar. 27 2:30-3:45pm Zhen Huo

(Yale University)

“Rational Inattentive Network: Evidence and Theory” Zhao In-Person

Herbst 337

Apr. 3 2:30-3:45pm Oleksii Mostovyi

(UConn Math)

“Indifference Pricing in Large Markets” Langlois/Zhao In-Person

Herbst 337

Apr. 10 2:30-3:45pm Gregor Jarosch

(Duke University)

“Dynamic Monopsony with Large Firms and Noncompetes” Vidart In-Person

Herbst 337

Apr. 24 2:30-3:45pm Karen Kopecky

(Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)

“Reforming the US Long-Term Care Insurance Market” Zhao In-Person

Herbst 337

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