Courses Served:

  • Intros:   ECON 1000, 1200, 1201, 1202
  • Intermediates: ECON 2201 & 2202
  • Q Intermediates: ECON 2211Q & 2212Q
  • ECON 2311Q


DUE TO THE COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS IN PLACE, ECON Tutoring will be held online for the remainder of the semester using WebEx which allows for virtual video conferencing and calling in by phone. WebEx is a virtual meeting program available to all UConn students, faculty and staff. 


How to sign into the WebEx ECON Tutoring meeting room:

Virtual: Join the OAK 312 ECON Tutoring meeting by clicking here: http://s.uconn.edu/oak312webex

Call: To call in with your phone: call 415-655-0002   Meeting Access Code: 319-618-984

Please come prepared with specific questions or material in which you need clarification.

Appointments are not required. First come, first served.


Tutoring Schedule – FINALS WEEK Spring 2020

  • Nikki: Intros, Intermediates, ECON 2311
  • Shihan: Intros, Intermediates, ECON 2311
  • Marisa: Intros, Intermediates
  • John: Intros, Intermediates, Q Intermediates, ECON 2311

The ECON Tutoring schedule for remainder of Spring 2020 semester.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday




Shihan: 2:30-5pm









John: 12-2pm

Nikki: 2-4pm



Shihan: 2:30-5pm