What can I do with an Economics Degree?

Understand how the world works. Learn how people, businesses, governments, and even families, schools, and charitable organizations make decisions with limited resources.

Make the world a better place to live. Find effective solutions to many social problems the world faces: unemployment, inflation, poverty, pollution, health care, human rights, and gender and racial inequality.

Benefit from diverse career opportunities. Develop a wide range of analytical and critical thinking skills. Prepare for a career in not just business, banking, government, and financial transactions, but also areas such as urban planning, international development, policy analysis, journalism, education, and the non-profit sector.

Prepare for graduate study. Prepare for graduate programs in law, business, economics, government, public administration, environmental studies, health-care administration, labor relations, global studies, diplomacy, and other fields. (Meet with Professor Ken Couch for course suggestions to prepare you for your intended graduate field.)

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All stats have been taken from the Center for Career Development: https://career.uconn.edu/outcomes/#!Economics