Registration Help

Steps before Enrollment Opens:

  1. Check your enrollment appointment (ie. “pick time”)
    • Found in StudentAdmin->Manage Classes->Enrollment Appointment
  2. Check for holds on your account
    • These will prevent you from enrolling when your pick time arrives.
    • Student Admin->Action List->Holds
    • This will also show you the steps you need to take to remove the hold.
    • See BELOW for more info on HOLDS.
  3. Look at your Requirements and Fill your Shopping Cart Accordingly
    1. Your Advisement Report is the best resource to determine what requirements still need to be filled. This will help you decide what classes to pick. Steps to view it can be found here:
    2. Once you know the courses you need, we suggest using Schedule Builder to add courses to your shopping cart. Follow this site for help using Schedule Builder:
  4. Meet with a Peer Assistant or your Advisor
    • You are not required to meet with your advisor before enrolling, but if you would like help going over your requirements and planning courses, our Peer Academic Assistants can help you during DROP-IN HOURS or you can make an appt on Nexus with your advisor.
    • Appointments fill up fast during registration!! 

ECON Permission Numbers and Waitlists

Reasons why You May Get a RED X When Enrolling

Suggested Course Sequences


The ECON Department does not place any Advising Holds.

If you have an enrollment hold, it was likely placed for your other major if you are a double major or a dual degree, or from your previous major.

We cannot take a hold off for a second major but can remove it for a previous major as long as you are no longer declared as such major.

We are unable to remove a hold for any other office. You must follow the directions provided for the hold in your HOLDS and INDICATORS blue box in Studentadmin. For questions, contact the office that placed the hold.