Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

Here is some important information as you plan your final year and prepare for graduation.


Graduation vs. Commencement

Graduation occurs when you have completed all of your requirements, whereas commencement is the ceremony in May that celebrates graduation. Students finishing up coursework in the Summer are eligible to “walk” in May commencement but will not graduate until August.

Steps to a Successful Graduation

Check to make sure you have taken care of everything needed to ensure a successful graduation.

Center for Career Development

Connect with the Center for Career Development for professional guidance and counsel on your career. The CCD can help with your resume and cover letters, searching and applying for jobs, practice interviews, and professional advice.  Don’t miss out on this great resource!

Commencement Info

All information about the Commencement Ceremony can be found here.

UConn’s Senior Page

View information, opportunities, senior trip, senior scoop, senior button, etc on UConn’s Senior webpage.

Senior Photos

Information about getting your Senior Photos

Need Help?

Want help applying to graduate, submitting your final plans of study, or making sure you are not missing any academic requirements? Make an appointment with an Advisor:


Apply to graduate

You need to apply to graduate by the first 4 weeks of the semester in which you plan to graduate. This adds you to the list to graduate and notifies the Registrar’s Office to audit your requirements upon completion. This also includes you in the printed materials for the commencement ceremony.

  • You may still make class schedule changes after you submit this.
  • If you already applied to graduate but need to change it to a different term, please contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance: 860-486-3331.


  • Confirm or update your personal email address, so they may reach you after you graduate if needed.
  • Confirm the spelling of your name in the system as it will be printed on your diploma.
  • Confirm your address in the system which is where your diploma will be mailed.

Check your Academic Requirements (Advisement Report) 

Have you met all of your academic requirements? Check your academic requirements report!

The Registrar’s Office uses this report to audit you for graduation. It is live, up to date, and reflects everything you have completed, currently taking, and registered for. If any areas are open (or highlighted in green on the PDF version), you have not registered for the requirement course and cannot graduate until you do so. See exceptions below.

  • If you change anything on your schedule, this report will instantly update. Check this report again to ensure you are still meeting any remaining requirements.
  • The deadline to ADD a course is always the 10th day of class for any semester. 
  • If you are graduating and need help enrolling in courses to finish your requirements, please make an appointment with us: so we can assist you or contact a Peer Academic Assistant on the Live Chat listed above.


  • Your first box will be “OPEN” or GREEN listing your catalog year. This determines your set of requirements. It is the academic year you first became a CLAS student. You can ignore this.
  • Your “relateds courses” box will be “OPEN” or GREEN if you took anything not listed on the pre-approved relateds list If it was approved by us, you can list them when you submit your electronic final plan of study (see below).
  • Relateds can be a completed minor, double major, any four courses from the ECON Relateds website list, or approved courses by an ECON advisor.
  • Some areas that are “OPEN” or highlighted in GREEN may be disclaimers that always remain open (ie: your catalog year at the top, business minors fine print, etc). Read it carefully and check with your advisor if you are unsure.
  • All other boxes should be “CLOSED” or “COLLAPSED” blue bars with side arrows, or NO GREEN highlighting on the PDF version. If any other box is open or green, you have not yet registered for that requirement and will not graduate until you do so.

Need to declare or cancel a minor?

If you are pursuing a minor that isn’t yet declared, or decided to not complete a minor, now is a good time to declare or cancel it. You can pursue more than one minor, but can only complete one minor in the School of Business.

Submit your Electronic Final Plan(s) of Study

This sends a snap shot of all the courses you have taken and are enrolled in, and sends it to your major, and minor if applicable, departments who will review them to determine if you have met all of your requirements for the major/minor. If so, it will be approved and forwarded electronically to the Registrar’s Office for final review. If you are missing anything, the reviewer will notify you through this online tool.

You may track the progress of this at any time.


  • You do NOT need an advising appointment to do this. Simply follow the steps in Studentadmin as listed below or stop in during one of our scheduled Senior Drop In Sessions listed below.
  • After you apply to graduate (see above), you will now see a yellow button in the upper right corner of your advisement report (see above) that says “Submit Final Plan of Study.” Click this button.
  • You will get a submission screen for EACH major and minor you have declared. Read the top of the screen carefully to determine which major/minor that screen is for. On your ECON Major screen, if you have any related courses not on the approved list, list them in the comments box and click “Submit”. If you have anything pending, to be transferred, abroad courses to be posted, etc, explain in the comments box so we know your plans to finish the requirements.
  • Do the same for all majors and minors.
  • You will receive a confirmation email. You may track the progress of your final plans of study in Studentadmin by clicking on the link provided in this email.
  • If you need to declare or cancel a minor, it is preferred you do so before you submit your Final Plan of Study. However, you may still do so even after you have submitted your Final Plan of study. If so, go back and do these steps again. A link to submit your final plan of study for your newly declared minor will appear.