Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

Here is some important information as you plan your final year and prepare for graduation.

Graduation vs. Commencement

Graduation occurs when you have completed all of your requirements, whereas commencement is the ceremony in May that celebrates graduation. Students finishing up coursework in the Summer are eligible to “walk” in May commencement but will not graduate until August.


  1. Apply for graduation. You must apply for graduation through StudentAdmin by the FOURTH week of your final semester. However, you can do so as early as when registration opens for the final semester (ie. if graduating in the spring, you can enroll as early as in the fall when spring course registration opens.) This allows the Registrar to audit your requirements for graduation and includes you in the printed materials for the commencement ceremony. Follow these steps to apply for graduation.
  2. Check name and address.  Verify the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation of your name and the accuracy of the address where your diploma should be sent. For instructions, see Verify Diploma Name and Address on Graduation Status Page.
  3. Review your advisement report. Check that you have satisfied all academic requirements by viewing your advisement report in StudentAdmin. This report is live, up to date, and reflects everything you have completed, are currently taking and are registered for and will update immediately if you change your schedule. Unless noted on the report, areas that are not satisfied or missing will need to be addressed to clear you for graduation. Please see your advisor for assistance.
  4. Submit your Plan of Study (POS.) Via StudentAdmin, you must submit your final Plan of Study. This is a snapshot in time of all of your courses. This should be done as soon as you no longer plan to make any changes to your schedule. You can make changes to your schedule after, but we will not be reviewing your final POS again. Your POS will be reviewed by your department(s) to ensure you have fulfilled all requirements for your major(s)/minor(s.)  You will get a submission screen for EACH major and minor you have declared and will receive a confirmation email after submitting. In the event you are missing any requirements, you will be notified through this same platform and may check the status at any time.

Note: On your ECON Major screen, if you have any related courses not on the approved list, list them in the comments box and click “Submit”. If you have anything pending, to be transferred, abroad courses to be posted, etc, explain in the comments box so we know your plans to finish the requirements.

For more information on graduation, visit the university’s page on Steps to a Successful Graduation.

For FAQ’s, see bottom of page.

Need Help?

For help applying to graduate, submitting your final plans of study, or making sure you are not missing any academic requirements, make an appointment with an Advisor:



    Commencement Ceremony Info

    UConn’s Senior Page (info. opportunities, senior scoop and other senior events)

    Senior Portraits

    Center for Career Development (Professional Guidance, Resume and Job Search Help, etc.)


    Can I still change my schedule after applying to graduate? YES, but we will not be re-reviewing your final plan of study again. If you make schedule changes after this step, check your academic requirements report again to make sure you are still  meeting all of your requirements.
    Can I change my graduation date to a different term if I already applied to graduate? YES, please contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance: 860-486-3331.
    How do I know if I satisfied all my requirements on my advisement report? -If any areas are open (or highlighted in green on the PDF version), you have not registered for the requirement and it will remain unfulfilled until you do so.


    -Your first box will be “OPEN” or GREEN listing your catalog year-(when you became a CLAS student) Some other areas may be disclaimers that remain open (ie. business minors fine print, etc) You can ignore this open box.


    -Your “related courses” box will be “OPEN” or GREEN if you took anything not listed on the pre-approved related courses list If it was approved by us, you can list them when you submit your electronic final plan of study (see above).


    -Related courses can be satisfied by a completed minor, double major, any four courses from the ECON Related Courses website list, or approved courses by an ECON advisor.


    -All other boxes should be “CLOSED” or “COLLAPSED” blue bars with side arrows, or NO GREEN highlighting on the PDF version. If any other box is open or green, you have not yet registered for that requirement and it has therefore not been fulfilled yet. You will not graduate until all of these boxes have collapsed or are no longer green on the PDF Version.

    Can I still declare or cancel a minor? Yes, see below:

    You can pursue more than one minor, but can only complete one minor in the School of Business.

    • Declare the minor here:
    • To cancel a minor:
    • If you declare a minor after submitting your Final Plan of Study, your newly declared minor will appear and you must resubmit your Final Plan of Study.