Related Courses

CLAS majors are required to complete 12 credits (usually 4 courses) of related courses. Related courses are courses taken outside of your major but relate to your major subject.

For Economics majors, related courses are courses taken outside the ECON Department, but relate to the field of economics as a supplement to your major.

For a course to apply to the ECON major as a Relateds Course, the course must meet the following criteria:

1.   The course must be taken at the 2000 level or higher;

2.  The course can NOT be cross-listed with an Economics course in the course description in the University Catalog

3.   Any 2000-level or above course taken from any of  the departments listed below are pre-approved as ECON related courses and will reflect on your Advisement Report. They do not need to all be in the same department.

**Please note: any course cross-listed as an ECON course does not count as a related course. It will count as an ECON major course, even if you enroll in the cross-listed section.**
Accounting – ACCT
AFRA 3042/ HDFS 3042/ WGSS3042
Agriculture and Natural Resources – AGNR
Agricultural and Resource Economics – ARE
Anthropology – ANTH
Business Administration – BADM
Business Law – BLAW
Biomedical Engineering – BME
Civil and Environmental Engineering – CE
Chemical Engineering – CHEG
Cognitive Science – COGS
Computer Science and Engineering – CSE
Communication – COMM
Electrical and Computer Engineering – ECE
Engineering – ENGR
Finance – FNCE
Geography – GEOG
History – HIST
Healthcare Management and Insurance – HSMI
Journalism – JOUR
Mathematics – MATH
Mechanical Engineering – ME
Management – MENT
Marketing – MKTG
Materials Science and Engineering – MSE
Natural Resources and the Environment – NRE
Operations and Information Management – OPIM
Philosophy – PHIL
Political Science – POLS
Public Policy – PP
Psychology – PSYC
 Sociology – SOCI
Statistics – STAT
Urban and Community Studies – URBN (EXCEPT FOR 3439)

4.  Any 2000+ level course cross-listed with any of the above departments will count as a related course, even if in a department not listed above. You may enroll in either department’s section and it will still count as a related.

5. Any of the following individual pre-approved courses will count as a related course:

SPAN 3170 Business Spanish HDFS 3342 Family Resource Management
FREN 3217 Business French HDFS 3421 Low Income Families
HRTS 3254 Business Solutions for Societal Challenges HDFS 3431 Families and Work
HRTS 3475 Economic Development and Human Rights HDFS 3433 Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
WGSS 2267 Women and Poverty HDFS 3442/LLAS 3250 Latino Health and Health Care
WGSS 3264 Gender in the Workplace HDFS 3473/AASI 3473 Asian-Pacific American Families
HDFS 3510 Planning and Managing Human Service Programs

5. Or, the Department will approve any other 2000-level or above course for a declared double major or minor as relateds, even if it is not on the pre-approved list above.  Keep in mind, these courses must be housed within a double major or minor program to be approved as relateds. If they are not on the pre-approved list below, they will not reflect on your Advisement Report but will be approved on your Final Plan of Study when you apply for graduation in your final semester.