Masters and PhD Preparation

Plan to earn a Masters in Economics?

Below are recommended courses to complete in your bachelor’s degree to prepare for graduate school:


  • Elementary Concepts of Statistics — STAT 1100Q
  • Calculus I and II — MATH 1131 & 1132  OR  MATH 1151 & 1152  OR  MATH 2141 & 2142

Highly Recommend:

  • Econometrics — ECON 2311
  • Mathematical Economics — ECON 2301
  • Multivariable Calculus — MATH 2110  OR  MATH 2130  OR  MATH 2143


  • Linear Algebra — MATH 2210


Please connect with Professor Dick Langlois with any questions you may have regarding Masters in Economics preparation.


Students planning to earn a MA in a related field (Public Administration, MBA, etc.) will not likely need as strong a background in mathematics but should look into the recommended math preparation for these programs and plan accordingly.

For more information on UConn’s Masters in Public Administration Fast Track program, please review UConn’s MPA website.  Please contact Catherine Guarino at with any questions you may have regarding this program.


Plan to earn a PhD degree in Economics?

It is highly recommended to take all of the above courses, plus:

  • Analysis — MATH 3150 (Pre-requisites: MATH 2710  OR  MATH 2142; MATH 2410  OR  MATH 2420  OR  MATH 2144)