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Professor Levin in The New Yorker

Professor Remy Levin was quoted recently in an article in The New Yorker:

As Remy Levin, an economics professor at the University of Connecticut, told me, “People often go into this field to study their own inner demons. If you feel bad about time management, you study time inconsistency and procrastination. If you’ve had issues with fear or trauma, you study risk-taking.” 

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They Studied Dishonesty. Was Their Work a Lie?

Dan Ariely and Francesca Gino became famous for their research into why we bend the truth. Now they’ve both been accused of fabricating data.


Professors Coşgel and Miceli on Faculti

Cosgel and Miceli Interview Headshot

Professors Metin Coşgel and Thomas Miceli recently participated in an interview on Faculti, in which they “offer new data and a new analytical approach to examine the roots of today’s civil conflicts that lie deeply in religious and political history.”

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Professor Levin in the Financial Times

Professor Remy Levin was quoted recently in an article in the Financial Times:

Remy Levin, a behavioural scientist at the University of Connecticut, said: “As a scientist, it is Prof Ariely’s duty to ensure that his scientific record is free of errors and falsehoods. The burden of proof lies with him to show to the scientific community and the public at large that he has told the truth about his work.”

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Star Duke professor is latest academic to face questions about research | Financial Times

Dan Ariely rejects claims he has manipulated data in another controversy hitting universities



Professor Langlois in the Wall Street Journal

Professor Langlois recently published an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal about the Big-Tech regulatory commission proposed by Senators Lindsey Graham and Elizabeth Warren, arguing that historical precedents from the Twentieth Century like the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Federal Communications Commission should give us pause about creating a new intendent regulatory commission.

Freakonomics Radio interviews Professor Baggio

Professor Michele Baggio recently appeared on Freakonomics Radio to discuss racial diversity in the whaling industry, a topic he and Professor Metin Coşgel focus on in their working paper “Racial Diversity and Team Performance: Evidence from the American Offshore Whaling Industry“.

The episode “What Can Whales Teach Us About Clean Energy, Workplace Harmony, and Living the Good Life?” has just been released and is available on the Freakonomics website here, or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and other podcast sites.


Professor Smirnova’s Career Faculty Fellowship

Professor Natalia Smirnova’s reflections on being the inaugural Faculty Fellow through the Center for Career Development in Spring 2023 have been posted by the Center for Career Development

Picture of Natalia Smirnova as Career Fellow

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Professor Segerson featured on Harvard Environmental Economics Podcast

Professor Kathleen Segerson was featured recently on the Harvard Environmental Economics Program podcast Environmental Insights.

Her conversation with Robert Stavins is the subject of his blog post The Challenge Posed to U.S. Climate Policy by Political Polarization

“In my podcast series, “Environmental Insights: Discussions on Policy and Practice from the Harvard Environmental Economics Program,” I’ve enjoyed chatting with economists who have been leaders in the realm of environmental, energy, and resource economics.  My most recent guest fits in that group, because I was joined by Kathleen Segerson, who in addition to her academic and scholarly research and teaching, has served on numerous state, national, and international advisory boards.  The podcast is produced by the Harvard Environmental Economics Program.  You can listen to our complete conversation here.


The full post is available online at: https://www.robertstavinsblog.org/2023/06/01/the-challenge-posed-to-u-s-climate-policy-by-political-polarization/