Frequently Asked Questions

How do I declare economics as my major?

Students can change their major (plan) to ECON online here:
To schedule an appointment with any of the Economics Academic Advisors, please review the Academic Advising webpage.

I want to double major, what do I do?

Fill out a CLAS Double Major form.pdf and have it signed by both advisors from each major before submitting. A double major can only be two departments in CLAS. If, for example, you are a Business major and would also like to major in Economics, you will need to apply for an Additional Degree.

What is the difference between an additional degree and a double major?

A double major can be earned in two majors offered by CLAS only.  You cannot earn a double major in two different schools or colleges.  This option does not entail added credits to the 120 needed to graduate.  Your diploma will have one degree and will list two majors i.e. BA in Economics and Sociology.  An additional degree can be earned in two different schools or colleges (or within CLAS) and requires an added 30 credits at the 200 level over the degree with the higher credit requirement.  You will receive two degrees ie. BA in Economics and BS in Engineering and at graduation you will receive two diplomas.

Who is my advisor?

When you declare your major, you will be assigned a Department Academic Advisor. You can also find their information in the Student Administration System.  If you are an economics honors student your advisor is Professor Kenneth Couch.

How do I declare a minor?

Students can add the ECON minor online:
Please note that you must earn a C grade or better in each course you plan to count towards the minor.

I want to register for a course that is full. How can I do this?

Some courses have a waitlist. The list can be found here. If the course is on this list, you can add yourself to the waitlist in the Student Administration System. If a seat opens, your advisor will email you with a permission number to enroll in the course if you are next in priority.  You will have a deadline to use the Permission Number before it expires, so be sure to use the number right away. If the course does not have a waitlist, it is recommended that you continue checking on StudentAdmin to see if a seat opens up. If that is the case, you will be able to enroll yourself throughout the add/drop period.

What if I want to take more than 17 credits next semester?

If you earned a 2.6 GPA in your last semester you can take 18 credits without permission by calling the Registrar’s Office at 860-486-3331 to request them to increase your credit limit.  Otherwise, you need an excess credit form signed by your academic dean’s designee.  You can obtain this form, as well as the Dean’s signature at the Academic Services Center.