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Please include your Student ID # (ie: 2343434) in the SUBJECT Line for ALL emails. This will make it easier for us to get back to you with your correct information in a more timely manner.


We are currently working remotely until further notice.



Advising Appointments

Appointments for Fall 2020 will be virtually on WebEx or by phone.

To schedule an advising appointment:

You may make an appointment with your assigned advisor. Click here to request to change your advisor

All available appointments are listed on Nexus. Check back for openings due to cancellations.

For a virtual advising appointment, we are using WebEx, a meeting space online available to UConn staff, students and faculty. Schedule a time here: NEXUS and select “Online Webex appointment”. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions.
For a phone appointment, schedule an appt here: NEXUS and select “Phone appointment.”  You will receive a confirmation email with instructions.
If you would like to discuss your courses or questions via email, please email . Our Peer Academic Assistants are assisting us with emails. Be sure to include your Studentadmin ID# (ie: 2343434)


Academic Advisors 

Rebecca Laroche Walker

Rebecca Laroche Walker
Academic Advisor







Lauren Munyard

Lauren Munyard
Academic Advisor







Peer Academic Assistant:


Drop-Ins are available on the ECON Live Chat found on the undergrad webpage:   



Prasad Gosavi

Peer Academic Assistant (PAA)

Junior ECON/POLS Double Major

Honors Student

Email PAA






Sueing Ngov


ECON and Applied Math Double Major

Analytics Minor




Mokarram Hossain


ECON and Finance Dual Degree


Live Chat:

Monday: 11-2

Tuesday: 10-12, 12:30-2:30

Wednesday: 1-4

Thursday: 2-6

Friday: 11-2



ECON Faculty Advising

To schedule an advising appointment with Dr. Dick Langlois (Honors or Study Abroad), Dr. Metin Cosgel (internships), or other ECON faculty: email them directly


Honors Students

Prof. Dick Langlois is the assigned advisor for ECON honors students. To meet with him, make an appointment or see him during office hours.  

langloisDr. Richard Langlois
Director of Undergraduate Programs                                       



304 Oak Hall

Office Hours


Internship Questions

Prof. Metin Cosgel is the ECON Internship Advisor. To meet with him, make an appointment or see him during office hours.

Prof. Metin Cosgel
ECON Internship Program Course Instructor, Storrs Campus                                       


322 Oak Hall 

Office Hours



Study Abroad Advising

For Study Abroad advising appointments, make an appointment with Dr. Dick Langlois or see him during office hours.

Students should meet with Valerie Jenkelunas in the Education Abroad Office by making an appointment with her.

Faculty Advisors

Please see the list of Faculty Advisors for assistance on any Economics field questions or concerns, including career goals and exploration, graduate school planning, and advice within the economics curriculum.


New ECON Major Advising

New Economics majors need to make an appointment with an academic advisor for an initial meeting: Make an Appointment Here.

The required new ECON major advising appointments have been suspended for the Fall 2020 term. If you are a new major, you do not need to meet with us at this time. No enrollment holds have been placed by the ECON Dept this semester.

Otherwise, ECON majors are not required to meet with an advisor every semester and will not have an enrollment hold placed prior to course registration. However, you are welcome and encouraged to meet with an advisor at any time for any further questions.



ECON Office Assistant


Olivia Bria

ECON Office Assistant

Junior COMM Major, POLS Major



Online Academic Advising Tutorials
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