Undergraduate Forms

To declare an economics major or minor, or any CLAS major change or any minor declaration (except for Business and Fine Arts, use the CLAS online Program Plan Change form: http://www.declare.clas.uconn.edu/

For below forms that you type into and need to save, to get signatures and process forms remotely:

  1. Save it as a PDF (Best practice: Print to PDF) or print and scan it.
  2. Attach to an email. Make sure you did not lose any info that you typed into the form.
  3. Email it to your advisor (Lauren or Rebecca). If approved, they will forward it to the next reviewer with their approval in writing. You will be copied on the email so you are aware of where it stands in the workflow.
  4. The next reviewer could be the CLAS ASC for a Dean’s Designee signature, another department advisor for adding a double major, or the Registrar’s Office for final processing. 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Forms

  • Double Major Declaration Form (two majors within CLAS)
  • Excess Credit Form
  • Substitution Request Form

Registrar Forms

For the Advisor on the form, select your assigned Staff Advisor: Rebecca Walker or Lauren Munyard

Use for the following:

New Class

-Late Add

-Audit a Course

-Repeat a Course for a Third Time

-Add Independent Study

-Add Research Course

-Add Internship



Existing Class

-Section Swap

-Withdraw from a Course

-Add or Revise Project Title

-Adjust Credits

-Place a Course on Pass/Fail

  • To place more than one class on P/F, you must complete the form for EACH CLASS

-Remove from Pass/Fail

*With the exception of Spring 2020, standard Pass/Fail policies apply in which only electives may be taken for pass/fail. Requirements must be taken for a grade.  


This form will route to the advisor for review and then to the Office of the Registrar for processing.  It will be routed to the Advising Dean or Student Services Director for approval if needed. Do note that this form may be denied at any stage – all status updates will be provided via email to the student’s UConn email account.

To Declare a Minor:

Economics Department Forms