Who is my advisor?

Freshmen and Sophomores

Juniors and Seniors

  • Going into your junior year, you will have the opportunity to request an Economics Faculty Advisor who is a full time Economics professor.
  • Your advisor’s name will appear in Studentadmin (ie: PeopleSoft) in your Student Center in the blue Advisor box [View Tutorial].
  • See below, under “The Role of the Advisor,” to see what your Faculty Advisor can assist you with.
  • Juniors and Seniors may still meet with a Department Academic Advisor as needed for questions pertaining to administrative, academic and other resources. See below, under “The Role of the Advisor,” to see what an Academic Advisor can assist you with.


The Role of your Advisor

Your Advisor’s Responsibility

Your advisor is a valuable resource and can answer many questions you may have during your undergraduate education.

The Economics Academic Advisor is a professional advisor dedicated to academic advising on a full-time basis. Faculty advisors are professors in economics with research and teaching duties occupying the majority of their job responsibilities. Therefore, the advising you seek from each advisor will be different in nature.

Economics Academic Advisor

You may schedule an advising appointment with an Academic Advisor online using Nexus.

  • Questions about general education, major and related requirements
  • Policies and procedures
  • Degree progress
  • Double major or minor planning and declarations
  • Referrals to services and resources around campus
  • Course recommendations
  • Approval for related courses required on the final Plan of Study that are outside of the pre-approved related subjects
  • Advisor Signatures for necessary paperwork
  • Transfer credits
  • Enrollment issues
  • Study abroad planning
  • Final plan of study approvals
  • Hold issues
  • Other administrative or academic issues

Economics Faculty Advisors

To schedule an appointment, please email your Faculty Advisor directly or attend their office hours.

  • Questions about graduate school, career paths, and research opportunities related to economics.
  • Experience and perspective in their discipline of economics.
  • Potential source for letters of recommendation for scholarships, graduate school applications, and/or jobs.
  • Advice and suggestions on courses to take within the Economics major.
  • Suggestions on related courses, minors or double major options to supplement your major
  • Other economics field questions.

Your Responsibility

Your advisor is not responsible for seeking you out and reminding you to take care of your responsibilities. You are responsible for the following:

  • Meeting all of your graduation requirements
  • Arranging to meet with your advisor as you see fit
  • Filing all necessary paperwork on time


Other Questions

For concerns outside of your advisors’ realm of responsibility, contact the CLAS Academic Services Center for direction.