Faculty Advising

The Economics Department encourages students to build relationships with the faculty.  Below is a list of the faculty members and their expertise.  Attend the office hours of the faculty member whom you have questions regarding their specific expertise.

Continue to see an Economics Academic Advisor for any other non-industry specific questions or concerns.

Expertise Faculty Member
Demographic Economics Delia Furtado
Development Economics Nishith Prakash, & Jorge Aguero
Ecological Economics Michele Baggio
Econometrics Subhash Ray
Economic History Derek Johnson
Economics of Organization and Institutions Richard Langlois
Environmental and Resource Economics Michele Baggio, Ling Huang & Kathleen Segerson
Game Theory & Experimental Economics Mike Shor & Vicki Knoblauch
Health Econohmics David Simon & Jorge Aguero
Industrial Organization Talia Bar, Ling Huang, Derek Johnson, Vicki Knoblauch & Mike Shor
International Economics Kanda Naknoi, Owen Svalestad & Francis Ahking
Labor Economics Kenneth Couch, Delia Furtado, Nishith Prakash, Stephen Ross & David Simon
Law and Economics Derek Johnson & Thomas Miceli
Macroeconomic Theory Olivier Morand
Macroeconomics & Monetary Economics Kanda Naknoi, Owen SvalestadFrancis Ahking, & Kai Zhao
Mathematical Economics Vicki Knoblauch & Olivier Morand
Microeconomics & Applied Microeconomics Talia Bar, Subhash Ray, Michele Baggio & Thomas Miceli
Political Economy of Religion Metin Cosgel
Public Economics Kenneth Couch
Public Finance Stephen Ross & Kai Zhao
Urban Economics Thomas Miceli & Stephen Ross