New ECON Majors

The NEW ECON Major Meetings Requirement has been suspended at this time.

Due to the COVID prevention measures in place and the university’s transition to an online format, no holds have been placed on ECON majors, including new ECON majors.

If you have an enrollment hold, it was likely placed for your other major if you are a double major or a dual degree, or from your previous major.

We cannot take a hold off for a second major but can remove it for a previous major as long as you are no longer declared as such major.

We are unable to remove a hold for any other office. You must follow the directions provided for the hold in your HOLDS and INDICATORS blue box in Studentadmin. For questions, contact the office that placed the hold. 

Welcome to the ECON Department!

If you are a:

  • current UConn Storrs student who changed to an ECON major or added ECON as a 2nd  major
  • new UConn freshman or transfer ECON major
  • new Storrs Campus ECON major

You will need to attend one of the mandatory ECON New Major Sessions to go over:

  • curriculum
  • internship info
  • career info
  • study abroad info
  • tutoring info
  • permission number and waitlist processes
  • advisor info
  • related courses
  • minor/double major options
  • key department people
  • registration issues and enrollment info
  • as well as answer any questions you may have.

Sign up for an ECON New Major Meeting


Required for all new and newly declared ECON majors.

Upcoming Sessions: click on link above to view sessions available and select the session option based on your academic situation: 

1) You have completed all foundation course requirements


2) You are missing one foundation course requirement

Foundation Courses:
1) ECON 1201 and 1202 (or 1200 combination course)

2) One of the following: MATH 1071Q, 1131Q, 1051Q, 1110Q, 2141Q

3) One of the following: STAT 1000Q, 1100Q, 91000


If you are unable to attend one of these sessions, please email: 

You will need to attend a make up session.


ECON students who have not attended an ECON New Major session previously will have an enrollment hold placed.

Students needing to attend will be emailed with further information.