Economics Faculty Recognized for Excellence in Teaching

The Provost’s office at the University of Connecticut regularly recognizes faculty members with excellent teaching evaluations commending them as achieving “excellence in teaching”.

A number of faculty members in the economics department have received this recognition in the past year:  Professors Talia Bar, Ken Couch, Delia Furtado, Paul Hallwood, Olivier Morand, Susan Randolph, Kathy Segerson, Mikhael Shor, Owen Svalestad, and Jackie Zhao.

Congratulations to these economics faculty for their important contributions to the educational mission of UConn!

Talia Bar to join Economics Department

New faculty and staff headshots taken at the Anderson Center forDr. Talia Bar will be joining the department this Fall as an assistant professor. She graduated with a PhD. in economics from Yale University in 2003.  She received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and her master’s degree in economics from the Hebrew University in Israel where she grew up. She has worked as an assistant professor at Cornell University, and as a visiting assistant professor at Binghamton University.   Bar’s research interests include industrial organization and microeconomics, mostly she works on firms’ research and development strategies and patent policy as well as issues in economics of higher education. Bar has published articles in, for example, the Journal of Economics Perspectives, the Journal of Labor Economics and the International Journal of Industrial Organization.