Professor Ross’s Research Discussed in the New York Times

Ezra Klein’s New York Times podcast discussed Steve Ross’s research with Eric Brunner and Shaun Dougherty:

In their research, they show that attending one of Connecticut’s stand alone career and technical high schools increases the academic success and the later labor market earnings on young men who as a group come primarily from a disadvantaged background within the state.

Professor Ross has New Working Paper featured by NBER

Professor Steve Ross’s recent working paper with Steve Billings and Andrew Bibler was featured today on the NBER website:

In this paper, they examine the effect of losing school mates or peers due to school choice. Specifically, in Charlotte-Mecklenburg county, they find that 5th grade students who have a 5th grade neighbor who applies for and wins a school choice lottery are substantially more likely to be arrested and incarcerated as a young adult. These increases in young adult arrests substantially outweigh the reduction in arrests that occur among the lottery winners, suggesting that school choice in this environment leads to an increase in crime.

Paper on Racial Profiling in Police Stops published in the Journal of Human Resources

Professor Steve Ross and UConn Ph.D. Graduates Jesse Kalinowski (Quinnipiac) and Matt Ross (Northeastern) recently published a paper in the Journal of Human Resources examining tests for racial profiling in police stops, showing that minority responses to perceived discrimination in stops (driving more slowly and safely) can substantially bias these tests away from finding discrimination.

The paper may be found online at:

Professor Ross interviewed by NBC about ‘Tulsa Remote’ Program

Professor Steve Ross was recently interviewed by NBC Universal about the ‘Tulsa Remote’ program, which provides financial incentives to encourage individuals who are working remotely to move to Tulsa.

See the story here:

Working from home? You could get paid $10,000 to do that from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Professor Ross has NBER Featured Paper on Foreclosure Spillovers

Professor Steve Ross’s work (with Weiran Huang and Ashlyn Nelson) on foreclosure spillovers was the Featured Working Paper for October 4, 2021 on the National Bureau of Economic Research homepage:

The paper “Broad Effects of Foreclosure Spillover” shows that spillovers can explain over 60% of the increase in the dispersion of foreclosure rates across neighborhoods during the foreclosure crisis.

The paper may be found at:

Professor Ross has NBER Featured Paper on Career and Technical Education

Professor Steve Ross’s work (with Eric Brunner and Shaun Dougherty) on the positive effects for students of attending one of Connecticut’s technical high schools was the Featured Working Paper for September 17, 2021 on the National Bureau of Economic Research homepage:

The paper “The Effects of Career and Technical Education: Evidence from the Connecticut Technical High School System” may be found at:


Professor Ross to serve on Hartford’s Universal Basic Income Task Force

Professor Stephen Ross will be serving on the Universal Basic Income (UBI) working group for the City of Hartford, tasked with guiding a pilot program to evaluate the possible implementation of a UBI by the city.

The pilot program was featured this week in an article in the Hartford Courant:

City of Hartford exploring giving no-strings, monthly cash payments to single, working parents